Medical for Group Retiree and Drug Prescription Plan Administration of Benistar

BenistarMedical for group retiree and drug prescription plan administration is the services focused by Benistar. The representatives of their customer services are experts in the field of Medicare regulations and rules in order for them to make an experience that is as smooth as possible for both of their plan members and sponsors.

Starting from their process of implementation, they made it a very easy way. They help their plan sponsor to draft a letter announcement to their retirees. Benistar manage the process of he enrollment with the CMS and carriers and eventually coordinate with any issues that might arise during the performing of process. Typically, they rollover the current members of their plans into a new plan without the individual forms of enrollment. Afterwards, they create a flexible bill for the members, plan sponsors, or divide it both of needed.

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The Retiree Customer Service Center of Benistar takes pride by giving help to their members in solving their problems into completion. Because of the fact that they are focused on Medical for group retiree and drug prescription plan administration programs, they have gained the expertise and knowledge in answering questions and solving issues that are related to Medicare field. Benistar’s customer service always stays on the line in order to assist their members in calling the third-party vendors or carrier until the issue or problem is completely resolved.

BenistarBenistar’s Medicare Part D
The plans involved in Medicare Part D of Benistar provide employers solutions needed in order to manage the benefits of drug prescription. An EGWP (Employee Group Waiver Plan) is a part of Medicare part D drug prescription plan. The EGWP plans of Benistar offer advantages of the following for their retirees and employers:

• Fully insured – capping the health liability of retiree with insured plans
• No maximum annual plan
• Availability of nationwide plan
• Flexibility of Plan Design
• Coinsurance or Flat co-pays
• Filling the coverage gap of Medicare
• Choose from the standard plans, or customize plan with an underwriting approval.

With a non-part D addition, the groups can have a full advantage of 50% discount on brand name provided by the discount program of coverage gap.

Many of the organizations and employers that provide drug coverage for the retirees are now filling for RDS (Retiree Drug Subsidy). The low premium rates of Benistar include the subsidy of the government. There’s no required additional subsidy to be filed, in order for their customers to save on administrative costs that are associated with the compliance of RDS. As a matter of fact, the average received subsidy with a non-Part D through an EGWP plan greatly exceeds the subsidy program of RDS.

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