Reasons Why Perry Belcher is Dominating Digital Marketing

Perry BelcherAs for all people who do not know anything about Perry Belcher, well he is a business marketing consultant, an SEO expert, importer, investor, Internet entrepreneur and copywriter. He is also known to be Digital Marketer’s co-owner. Yes, it is true that there are many people who can have the same labels as he does but on the other hand, Belcher is the only guy who can do all those things and can still profit for more than $1MM from an eBook he has written entitled “How To Start a Hot Dog Business” and he has no problem if he is going to spend five times more than to what his competitors are willing to give in order to get a customer.

Belcher concentrates in each and every aspects of online marketing, all of the platforms available used as a medium to create offers and advertisements, constantly has the strongest follow up systems and customer acquisition around. As a matter of fact, many IM experts are using his strategies in enhancing their businesses. Perry belcher has a numerous samples of his achievements in online businesses that he is usually referring as his portfolio companies which will be too many to list. Some of them that have been recently launched are,, and

Perry BelcherPerry brought up decades of investing experience and startup company, approach to the Internet Marketing which a lot of gurus will be able to learn from. These are some of the important factors in his success with the digital marketing.

Market Research

To be the first one to market is one of his foundation in his success. With a disciplined application of proprietary and known research, he is gathering and compiling all the information about the growth and trends on the market, and is formulating a data-driven action plans to enter new markets with some products and offers that did not previously existed. This fast implementation strategy allowed Belcher in accomplishing what appears to be impossible in the markets.


Since online marketing is fundamentally virtual communication, hugely in a form of advertising and different forms of media messaging, Belcher’s knowledge of the buyer psychology and a masterful skills in copywriting gave him an edge to figure out formulating the appropriate messaging for the given market and product. Given that and a capability to choose the right people, at the right sequence, at the right time, were the reasons why he is successful.

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